"The walls of our family and friends' homes from London to Edinburgh to the remotest parts of Ireland are graced with Gemma’s beautiful unique paintings.

These paintings are truly personalised and go far beyond the traditional definition of personalised which is simply to include the child’s name.

We have used the paintings as gifts for many occasion including christenings, 18th and 60th birthdays, weddings, and wedding anniversaries or simply as a birthday gift.

My personal favourites are of course the ones that I received as gifts for my own children, Seamus and Niall, as christening gifts from my brother and family.

Every time I have given the painting as a gift I am always asked to provide Gemma’s contact details as the recipients have often contacted Gemma directly to do paintings on their behalf.

On a more personal note Gemma is not only very talented but a very kind and sincere person to deal with."

Helen Bryce (Gemma’s best customer!) – Giver and Receiver


"I wanted to give my daughter and her husband something really special on their Wedding Day which would be unique to them.

The personalised watercolour by Gemma of their initials was a wonderful way of describing the journey of their lives so far.

Everyone who saw the painting gained insight about the couple and had great fun looking at the beautiful detail that depicted some special events in their life."

Chris Lee – Mother of the Bride/giver


“We had Kieran’s painting made to celebrate his First Holy Communion. We had high expectations, having seen some of Gemma’s other commissions, but the painting she created for us far exceeded them!

With a simple list of Kieran’s varied interests she has managed to create a fabulous pictorial summary of his life that we will treasure forever.

Kieran is absolutely thrilled with it, especially as it unique to him.”

Christina Buckley Collingwood – Giver


“I can honestly say I was very pleased at the thought as well as the careful and high quality of craftsmanship that was put into the gift.

It continues to give me a smile and reminds me of a good day. That is the sign of a perfect gift.”

Ian Swann – Receiver


“Just wanted to take this opportunity to send you a quick "Thank You" for the wonderful painting you did for our friends Steve and Jane's wedding and also to let you know how much they loved it.

It is really amazing how you managed to capture, so successfully, the lives of two people you have never met. They were almost speechless when they opened it at the wedding reception. I asked them to open it because I wanted to see their reaction and the first thing they said was "It's all about us - it's like This Is Your Life!"

It brought all the different aspects of their two separate lives together in such a way that I really cannot imagine ever buying anything else for a wedding present- it certainly beats a toaster!

Jane and Steve said that it will have pride of place in their home and they were full of admiration for your talent and even asked for your details which I have duly passed on.

We are so pleased that we were able to make their wedding day even more special by thinking of asking you to do this beautiful painting.”

Phil Garvey - Giver


"Thank You so much for the wonderful painting you did for my son Dominic's 9th Birthday. It perfectly captures him and his young life and we will always treasure it.

His reaction to it was just great to see - the look on his face was priceless as he saw all his precious things displayed on his own shelf with his birthday on it!

I wasn't sure whether he would "get it" but he most certainly did and it seemed to make him proud of himself and what he was able to do - seeing all the different aspects of his life, including his wider family, crystallised things for him and appeared to increase his sense of belonging.

All this from one painting and a few minutes spent discussing him and his life with you - it's quite incredible how you managed to capture him so well and we are all extremely grateful to you."

John McGovern – Giver


"After my son Liam died aged 21, Gemma painted one of her unique paintings in his memory. The painting portrays the special things that made up my son’s life.

It is so beautiful and has captured his memories in such a classic way that I can look into the name Liam and see the things that were important in his life painted in such detail and with such pride.

I highly recommend Gemma’s unique style of painting; let it capture someone special like it has for me."

Terry Conneely – Receiver


"I have two of Gemma's paintings. One I received as a wedding gift, with our initials and one for our Son. We were so impressed and loved our wedding painting so much, that the first thing I did when my son was born was get in touch with Gemma to do another painting for us.

The one for my son is so special and Gemma put such thought and effort into it, it's just perfect. These two painting will be family heirlooms as they tell our life story at the time of our wedding and at the birth of our son.

Many thanks to Gemma. A fabulous gift for anyone."

Mary Geraghty – Giver and Receiver